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    The Transportation Department of Grass Lake Community Schools is committed to providing safe and efficient transportation to all qualifiying students for regular school days and all extra-curricular and athletic runs. Please feel free to call the department at 517-867-5544 any time with questions or concerns.







    Grass Lake Community Schools Transportation Mission Statement -
    The mission of the Grass Lake Community Schools Transportation Department is to provide safe, efficient and professional transportation service for our students while supporting the district's educational mission.




    Twice this week alone we have had parents run up to our bus door during stops in the middle of traffic to take forgotten items to their children who have already boarded the bus. No one, adults or students, should EVER attempt to walk from behind the bus to get to the door for ANY reason. This maneuver is extremely dangerous. Our drivers cannot see individuals walking beside the bus on the passenger side as they complete their stop and prepare to return to traffic. Go to http://bit.ly/2MsoEYw for more helpful hints that improve safety on our buses.

    Danger Zone

    I am your bus driver  

Transportation Department Announcements

  • Dave Gamble Name GLCS Transportation Supervisor

    We would like to announce that Grass Lake bus driver Dave Gamble has been named Transportation Supervisor for Grass Lake Community Schools, while Doug Moeckel will continue supervision of other operations responsibilities for the school district. Click on the heading of this announcement for more information

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  • New Schools of Choice Busing Students Limited to Current Families

    Due to space constraints on our buses, we are no long accepting new families onto our Grass Lake bus rosters. However, if a family's children are already on a roster, we will allow siblings to be added to their appropriate buses.

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  • Restrictions Set for Family Use of School Driveways and Parking Lots

    Please note there are time restrictions in effect for student and parent automobile passage in our school parking lots and driveways that are in place for student safety and for maintaining clear routing for our school buses. Click on the heading of this announcement for more information.

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    Bus drivers are our unsung heroes for the care and consideration they give to our students and their families. They are the first school personnel that our kids see in the morning, and last that they see before being at home. They take extreme care toward making every student feel safe and comfortable, while driving a 26,000 pound vehicle and controlling traffic all around them, including distracted drivers. Click on the heading of this announcement to get an idea of what our bus drivers experience every day.

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  • Time Frames for Limited Access to School Drives to Accommodate Safe Student Loading and Unloading of Buses

    1. Bus drive from George Long Elementary to Grass Lake High School - Authorized vehicles only 7:20 AM-7:40 AM and 3:05 PM-3:20 PM 2. Northbound lanes in George Long Elementary west parking lot by sidewalk - Authorized vehicles only 7:20 AM-7:40 AM and 3:05 PM-3:20 PM 3. No student pickups or drop offs in Grass Lake Middle School east parking lot - 7:20 AM-7:35 AM and 2:55 PM-3:10 PM. Click the heading of this announcement to see photos of the restrictions.

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  • Two reminders for our Grass Lake Schools families utilizing our bus transportation system

    1. If you miss the bus, NEVER chase the bus and have your child come from behind the bus to board the bus. The area beside the bus is blind to the driver in the dark, and the driver is paying attention to the students waiting at their scheduled stops. 2. Because our buses are overbooked we only allow transfers between buses to occur in emergency babysitting situations when a caregiver will not be available to receive a child who is too young to stay by themselves.

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  • Guidelines for Approaching a School Bus with Overhead Lights Activated

    These guidelines are meant to provide drivers with information for how to respond when a school bus is in view. Essentially when a school bus is in view, treat the overhead lights like a traffic signal that only has amber lights and red lights. When you see a bus be prepared for the amber lights to be activated. When activated be prepared to stop in a safe manner. When the overhead red lights are on, all traffic must be stopped. Click on the heading of the announcement for a color diagram of what to look for when a bus is preparing to make a student stop.

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    Misunderstanding of our 8-light overhead flashing light system on our buses is one of the most prominent concerns we have from drivers who we share the roads with. Click on the heading of the announcement to read a detailed explanation of our bus stop processes and why we suggest treating the amber and red lights as stop lights to judge whether you should prepare to stop, or not.

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  • Substitute Bus Drivers Need

    Join our team of caring, professional drivers. Our substitute drivers have the potential of becoming permanent drivers on regular runs and opportunities for extra runs with extra income. Click on the heading for more information.

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  • Treat School Buses Like Traffic Lights

    Remember: It is the law that vehicles cannot pass a bus while it alternating overhead red lights are activated. Click on the heading of this announcements to learn the stopping process of a school bus and how you can recognize the proper procedures.

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Department Contacts

  • Dave Gamble - Transportation Supervisor

    Business:  517-867-5544
    Email:  gl.transportation@grasslakeschools.com
    Address:  11500 Warrior Trail
    Grass Lake, MI 49240

    Jr. Ambs - Bus Mechanic

    Business:  517-867-5602
    Email:  junior.ambs@grasslakeschools.com
    Address:  899 S. Union Street
    Grass Lake, Michigan 49240
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