• Advanced Placement US History

    Instructor: Angelee Kovach Connors


  • November 28-December 2

    Tue-[1] Discuss Chapter 9 assignments [2] Short video on Jefferson Presidency
    Wed-[1] Overview of War of 1812 [2] APUSH video on Era of Good Feelings [3] Notes on Missouri Compromise see below
    Thu-[1] Quiz on Chapter 9
    Fri-[1] DBQ essay on Jefferson Presidency

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  • November 21-23

    Mon-[1] Class discussion of Washington's Presidency and his Farewell Address
    Tue-[1] Notes-Election of 1800, Rise of Political Parties, and the Adams' Presidency
    Wed-[1] Dodgeball Tournament
    Thu-Fri Thanksgiving Break

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  • November 14-18

    Mon-[1] Discuss American Revolutionary Battles' Generalizations on Schoology Due: 11/16/16 {some sources below} [2] Saratoga and Yorktown PowerPoint
    Tue-[1] Articles of Confederation evaluation [2] Northwest Ordinance 1787 [3] State Constitutions Homework: Chapter 7 guided reading assignments {Constitutional Convention}
    Wed-[1] The Washington Presidency outline Homework: Washington's Farewell …

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  • October 31-November 4

    Mon-Tue [1] APUSH Group Presentations
    Wed-[1] Socratic Seminar {Declaration of Independence and Common Sense}
    Thu-[1] Review of Chapter 6 and presentations
    Fri-[1] Chapter 6 Test

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  • October 21-28

    Mon-Professional Development Day/no students
    Tue-[1] Presentation groups will draw for American Revolution topics [2] Assignment instructions/rubric [3] Instructor sample {Pontiac's Rebellion, Proclamation Line of 1763, Sugar Act, and Currency Act}
    Wed-Fri [1] Media Center-research for presentations Due: 10/31/16
    You can view my Pontiac's Rebellion and Proclamation Line of 1763 Prezis online; …

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  • October 17-21

    Mon-[1] Introduction: Last of the Mohicans
    Academic viewing of a historical fiction film and film facts
    Tue-[1] see above
    Wed-[1] see above
    Thu-[1] Quiz over Last of the Mohicans, notes from French and Indian War PowerPoints, and pp. 165-170 in textbook [2] Presentation groups will draw for topics
    Fri-[1] Instructor presentation {Pontiac's Rebellion and Proclamation Line 1763}

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  • October 10-14

    Mon-Media Center [1] Proof Chapter 4 Essays [2] Watch videos see below [3] Read excerpt from Edward's "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"
    Tue-[1] Discuss videos and primary source Quiz over Chapter 5 10/12/16
    Wed-[1] Quiz

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  • October 3-7

    Mon-[1] Chapter 3 Test Homework: Chapter 4 Primary Sources Analysis
    Tue-[1] PowerPoint-Triangle Trade [2] World History Crash Course #24 video
    Wed-[1] Class Discussion of Chapter 4 Primary Sources Homework: Analysis of DBQ documents contained in Chapter 4
    Thu-[1] Discuss homework 10/5/16 and Chapter 4 practice quiz Homework: Chapter 4 Short Essays Due: 10/10/16
    Fri-[1] Introduction to Chapter 5 …

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  • September 26-30

    Mon-[1] PowerPoint-17th c-18th c Colonial Wars [2] Chapter 3 Practice quiz
    Tue-Thu Media Center [1] Chapter 4 Assignments see link below [2] Chapter 3-4 Map Assignment [3] Chapter 3 Question Bank
    Fri-[1] Return DBQ #2 {Salem} discuss concerns/improvements Rewrite due: October 7, 2016

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  • September 19-23

    Mon-[1] Lecture with notes Puritan society and the Salem Witch Trials {Visible Salem v. Invisible Salem}
    Homework: APUSH Chapter 3 Assignments #6 and #7
    Tue-[1] Short review video {In Search of the Salem Witch Trials} [2] Introduction to Puritan Primary Sources Homework: Read sources, highlight and answer questions
    Wed-[1] Class discussion of primary sources 9/20/16 [2] Discussion of Early …

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  • September 12-16

    Mon-[1] Return DBQ Practice #1 Class discussion of common concerns [2] Draft #2 of one paragraph from DBQ Practice #1
    Tue-[1] Chapter 2 Test Review
    Wed-[1] Chapter 2 Test {Fill-in-blank, multiple choice, and short answer}
    Thu-[1] Discuss Chapter 2 Test [2] Peer Review of Draft #2 from DBQ Practice #1 Homework: Assignments 1-5 Chapter 3 *see attached file
    Fri-[1] Class Discussion of Assignments …

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  • September 6-9

    See Schoology for September 6-9

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  • August 28-September 1

    Mon-[1] Short video on Cahokia [2] Chapter 1 pp.4-26 [3] Two other short videos on Cahokia your choice
    Assignments: A. Graphic Web-Cahokia B. Outline:Settling the Continent {Who are the indians, Migration from Asia and Clovis: First American Technology C. Three column comparison chart: Hunting Tradition, Desert Culture, and Forest Efficiency D. Three column comparison chart;development of …

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  • August 24-26

    Wed-[1 ] Course Introduction [2]-out of sequence diagnostic quizThu-[1] Presentation of exam [2] Anchor date activity Fri-[1] Who Am I? The Presidents activity

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