From time to time, school must be delayed or closed due to weather-related or emergency conditions. Every attempt will be made to make the decision before 6:30 a.m. Parents should be aware that school may, at times, be delayed for two hours if conditions warrant it.  Parents are asked not to drop students off at school early in the event of delays. 
    Delays and closings will be broadcast through the District’s automated calling system that may also include special directions. The information will also be sent to the following local media stations:

    WLNS -TV6; WLAJ TV 53; WILX -TV10; WSYM TV Fox 47 

    W4 Country 102.9

    Grass Lake Community Schools: www.grasslakeschools.com
    WILX-TV10: http://gray.ftp.clickability.com/wilxwebftp/closings.html
    WLNS-TV6: http://www.wlns.com/weather/closings-and-delays
    In very rare instances, it may be necessary to dismiss school early during the day because of deteriorating weather conditions, power failures, etc. Parents should remain posted to any of the above media outlets while keeping phone lines open for messages from the District’s automated calling system, and our website. We ask that phone calls into the District during these times be kept to a minimum so as not to tie up lines for calls from and to emergency responders.