• Making Pupil Transportation Safe and Orderly
    At Grass Lake Community Schools our main objective is the safety of our passengers when they are on the bus and consistently staying on schedule that we have in place. Maintaining those objectives takes a cooperative effort between our families, our drivers, and our administration. Following are our guidelines and rules that support our objectives and for which we need support from all stakeholders
    • For the morning pickups we require that the child be out of the car 10-15 feet from the bus location at least five minutes prior to their assigned bus stop time and ready to proceed to the bus immediately upon the bus door opening.
    • For the afternoon drop offs for Kindergarten through 3rd grade, we ask that someone be visible from the bus when we arrive to drop off your child.
    • Students must remain seated properly throughout the bus ride for their safety. (Bottoms to the bottoms, backs to the backs, hands to yourself, talking quietly.)
    • Parents are not allowed aboard our buses with students, except for chaperoned field trips.
    • Children are not allowed to ride other buses other than what they are assigned to, except in an emergency.
    • Changes in bus stop locations must be given to the transportation office as soon as the information is available
    • Stops other than the home address must be given to the transportation office as soon as that information is available.
    • Requests for our limited schools-of-choice bussing options must be given to the transportation office as soon as possible
    • Please keep the transportation office informed of any changes to ridership. 517-522-5544, or doug.moeckel@grasslakeschools.com
    Information About Grass Lake Pupil Transportation
    • Drivers, teachers and administrators are all interested our parents knowing that we are watching out for their children.
    • Grass Lake runs a single tier bus system, which means we transport Kindergarten through 12th grade students together on one bus with the youngest children near the front.
    • Grass Lake has 11 daily bus routes, plus a daily Career Center run.
    • Our buses are designated with animals to allow our youngest children to more easily recognize their bus. Animal pictures are located on the third window back from the door.
    • If a student receives a transportation information package before the school year begins and will not be riding a bus to begin the year, let us know as soon as possible. (A start date later in the school year can be arranged.)
    • Our buses normally depart for our afternoon runs no later than 3:20 PM.
    • To contact the Transportation Department, call 517-522-5544, or e-mail doug.moeckel@grasslakeschools.com.

    • Students are expected to conform to the requests of bus drivers and help to assure safety at all times.
    • Be on time at designated bus stops.  The bus cannot wait.
    • Stay off roadway at all times while waiting for the school bus.  No pushing or shoving.
    • Cross at least 10 feet in front of the bus when crossing on roadway. NEVER CROSS IN BACK OF THE BUS OR COME FROM THE REAR OF THE BUS TO BOARD.
    • Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop and the red lights are on before attempting to enter or leave the bus.  Stay seated until the bus has completely stopped.
    • Occupy the seat assigned to you.  When seated, keep feet out of aisles.  Report any damaged seats to the driver immediately.
    • Musical instruments must not take an extra student space or be in the aisle.
    • The center aisle must remain clear of feet and all objects
    • Keep all body parts inside the bus at all times.
    • Avoid unnecessary and disturbing noises; do not shout at passing pedestrians or vehicles.
    • Talk only to students sitting near you, in a low, normal, inside voice.
    • Inappropriate language will not be tolerated.
    • It is the students' responsibility to keep the bus free of trash.
    • No eating or drinking on the bus, and nothing should be in a student’s mouth the entire time they are on the bus
    • Be considerate of other students.  No hitting, no throwing things, No teasing or harassing.