Most high school students enjoyed their holiday vacation from school and celebrated the New Year with parties and celebrations.  Theresa Rankin left on December 27th to attend a National Team Developmental Camp with the Olympic Coaches in Phoenix, AZ.  She practiced wrestling eight hours a day for three straight days.  She then flew to Calgary, Alberta to compete with the Cadet USA Women's Wrestling Team in Team Duals as well as a Junior Individual Tournament.  She had to work out and cut weight on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.  She had to weigh-in on Thursday, wrestled 6 matches on Friday.  She then had to work out and cut weight to weigh-in on Saturday to wrestle in the Junior Individual tournament on Sunday.  While other students are enjoying their break, she was working hard, training, and competing for Team USA Women's Wrestling on the international level.  She arrived home Jan. 5 after being away for 10 days.
    Theresa won a bronze medal at the Nordhagen (Canada) Junior Classic.  She lost her first match and had to wrestle back to take third.  Team USA Cadets won the Cadet Dual on Friday going 5-0 in dual matches.  Theresa was 4-1 in the duals with 4 pins; she also was 1-0 in an exhibition with a pin. The Senior Team USA won seven medals on Saturday at the Senior Tournament.  The Cadet Team USA won eight medals for the Junior Tournament.  Not a bad weekend for Team USA Women's Wrestling.  Theresa is one of eight girls that competed for the USA Women's Wrestling at the Cadet World Championships in Slovokia (Central Europe) and Theresa was one of eight who competed for the USA Women's Cadet Team at the Nordhagen Classic.  She was 7-2 at Nordhagen with seven pins.
    Theresa has participated in three National Team Developmental Camps with the Olympic Coaches. She has won national championships for:  USWA, USGWA, Body Bar, and War of the Roses.