• An important safety message for our Grass Lake families -
    On Monday, September 26, a Grass Lake High School student was approached in town by an individual who tried to pick the student up. We advise all of our families to closely monitor your children's travels in and around town and if anything is seen that is suspicious, to immediately call 911 with identifying information. Reinforce with your children that if approached by a stranger to move quickly in the opposite direction, regardless of any enticements that may be used. Know your neighbors. That allows them to be watching out for your children, and it allows you to be watching out for them. Children should draw attention to themselves, and be aware of their surroundings in order to spot suspicious activity. Don't be locked into your cell phone. Be alert at all times. Working together to train our children about these situations will make us all much safer. If other similar situations occur we will keep our school families informed.