Grass Lake Community Schools is proud to announce that we are now allowing for online payments for lunch accounts and for Little Warriors pre-school and daycare accounts. PLEASE KNOW THAT ONLINE PAYMENTS ARE NOT MANDATORY AND THAT EXISTING PAYMENT PROCESSES WILL REMAIN INTACT. While there are fees attached to this service ($2.50 per transaction for lunch accounts. 3.5% for Little Warriors payments), we feel that the convenience of this service will be beneficial to some of our school families. As we grow into our new offering of receiving payments online we hope to begin expanding the types of products and services for which we will accept online payments.

    We welcome you to review the parent guide to this program, and then proceed to the actual payment pages. You will find a link that will allow you to make payments to your child's lunch account, and you will find a second link for those of you desiring to make payments for Little Warriors Daycare and pre-school accounts.

    Contact information regarding PaySchools questions:
    Lunch account payments: Jeff Brenner at 867-5597, or by e-mail at jeff.brenner@grasslakeschools.com.
    Little Warriors Pre-School and Daycare payments: Debbie Brady at 867-5543, or at by e-mail at deb.brady@grasslakeschools.com.

    PaySchools has an excellent track record for convenience and consistency that we hope those of you interested in using it will find beneficial to making your payment processes easier.

    Go to http://bit.ly/2m1jAfV to go directly to the Grass Lake Community Schools/Payschools Payment Links. Please note that there is a one-time registration process required that is explained in the Parent Guide. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU USE YOUR CHILD'S LEGAL NAME WHEN REGISTERING THEM INTO THE SYSTEM.

    Go to
     MyLunchAccount.com to check current balances