• Performing Arts

    Instructors: Mr. Bullock, Mrs. Palmer, Ms. Stevens, Mrs. Briggs, Mrs. Janz


Department Contacts

  • Abby Briggs - MS/HS Instrumental Music

    Business:  517-867-5622
    Email:  abby.briggs@grasslakeschools.com
    Address:  11500 Warrior Trail
    Grass Lake, Michigan 49240

    Robert Bullock - Elementary Music

    Business:  517-867-5682
    Email:  robert.bullock@grasslakeschools.com
    Address:  829 S. Union Street
    Grass Lake, MI 49240

    Barbara Palmer - Dramatic Arts

    Email:  pbarb419@aol.com 
    Address:  829 S. Union Street
    Grass Lake, Michigan 49240

    Kristi Stevens - MS/HS Vocal Music

    Business:  867-5616
    Email:  kristi.stevens@grasslakeschools.com
    Address:  1000 Grass Lake Rd.
    Grass Lake, MI 49240

Forensics at Grass Lake High School

  • To many of us, Forensics is the science of investigations of criminal activities popularized in popular television shows, such as "Law & Order" and "CSI".

    However, at Grass Lake High School, Forensics is the study and practice of public speaking and debate patterned after ancient Greek competitions at public forums. Today’s forums can be on a computer screen (online), in a classroom, a regional event or a national tournament for middle school, high school or college students. Students learn and practice speech and research skills to inform or persuade an audience.

    Recently our Grass Lake High School forensics team put together what they are calling a documentary about what forensic speech is. The piece is called “Forensics: It's not a Science”. Go to https://youtu.be/d14CWzQ-uyU to view the documentary.

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