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*I do know that few people want my job.
*I do know that there are often people who fail the tests necessary to get my job.
*I do know that I spent a bit of my own money and a lot of my own time training to get this job. 
*I do know that this job helps my family to eat each month.
*I do know that my 3rd to last stop is a sweet boy who loves his cat, and his cat has been known to chase the bus to stay with the boy.
*I do know that I wrote up a kid last week for punching another boy, and it broke my heart. The other boy called him a "retard"---well, the boy punched him because he has a 10 month old sister at home with Down Syndrome and he is fiercely protective of her. 
*I know the young lady who has worn the same dress 9 of the 15 days of school this year--it's one of 8 articles of clothing she owns. 
*I know that some days, I want to hand the keys to anyone who will take them.
*I know the young boy with Cerebral Palsy has the heart of a saint, but just forgets to sit still.
*I know that girl is living in the garage of that house because they can't afford rent anymore.
*I know that boy needs $2 put on his lunch card because his parents both lost their jobs.
*I know that calling that little boy "Batman" every morning puts a huge smile on his tiny little face.
*I know that most days, I love this group of kids more than words can explain, they are "my" kids and each one of them has a place in my heart.
*I know that I have my "bigs" say bye to their "littles" every morning, because little siblings hate to see their bigs get off the bus and leave them.
*I know that I lose my temper when so-and-so hit somebody.
*I know his Gramma is coming from California this weekend, and he doesn't know -- I can't wait to hear the stories on Tuesday!
*I know she is crying because her boyfriend broke up with her.
*I know her baby brother carries a toy bus around all day waiting for her to come home in the afternoon.
*I know this mom needs to get to work early, so I make adjustments to the route to help her.

I know that you don't see or care about the little things I see or do for the other 70 children on my bus. We all care, more than you may ever know.

Written by Julie Christopher Hasara