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Local Educators Against Drugs

Maybe you've noticed a change in your child's school performance, or his appearance or choice of friends. Perhaps they are more withdrawn or depressed, no longer interested in favorite activities. Your child may even be more aggressive, hostile to you or other members of the family. While there certainly could be another explanation, these are some of the same characteristics which often indicate drug or alcohol use.  Call the parent help line at 1-800-284-5444.

This is precisely why the L.E.A.D. program was created. Through local educators, L.E.A.D. gives parents the necessary tools to confirm their suspicions in the privacy and security of the home and directs them to appropriate resources if alcohol or drug use is discovered. Easy-to-use test kits that give almost instantaneous results are available for a nominal fee. Whether the problem is drugs or alcohol, one simple urine or saliva test provides accurate results within three to eight minutes. The L.E.A.D. tests can also reduce peer pressure by providing kids with an "out" ("I can't because I might get tested.")