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August 28-September 1

Mon-[1] Short video on Cahokia   [2] Chapter 1 pp.4-26   [3] Two other short videos on Cahokia your choice
Assignments: A. Graphic Web-Cahokia   B. Outline:Settling the Continent {Who are the indians, Migration from Asia and Clovis: First American Technology  C. Three column comparison chart: Hunting Tradition, Desert Culture, and Forest Efficiency  D. Three column comparison chart;development of Agriculture, Effects on Am. Indians and Resistance to Agriculture  E. Map Assignment  F. Practice Quiz pp.28-29 use sticky notes
Due: August 29, 2016 
Tue-[1] Discussion of reading    [2] Go over book quiz    Homework: document Analysis
Wed-[1] Quiz over Chapter 1   [2] Discuss documents   
Thu-[1] DBQ Practice question #1 in composition books in class