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George Long Elementary Parents Share Their Experiences

"Thank you" to parents of students attending George Long Elementary School for sharing comments about your experiences, and the experiences of your children, at George Long Elementary School given to us during this Teacher Appreciation Week.

MM: “Love all the teachers.”
CG: “They look at each child as an individual.”
TK: “They truly care about each child. I also love the sense of community.”
NG: “I love that our teachers (and staff!) are so great at balancing academics with helping these kids turn into good citizens. Not every school has kids in tears on the last day, but ours sure does.”
JR: “It is hard to put into words, but I can honestly say I have truly appreciated each and every teacher that my children have had over the years. Each teacher has had some unique quality about them and they have encouraged my children to thrive in their uniqueness, as well. These teachers have listened to all the stories, encouraged their imaginations, worked through the tough times of learning academics, as well as how to socially interact with others, and they have kept me as the parent in the loop. We are all so blessed for it! Thank you George Long Elementary teachers, you are awesome!”
SS: “So blessed to have such caring teachers.”
LO: “The best quality in a teacher, and that I have seen in so many teachers at GL, is taking each kid with their shortcomings and challenges, and seeing beyond that to the greatness in that child. When our kids are listened to as great, they get to BE great, and THAT is what makes a good teacher be great as well.”

HM: “They truly care about every child. They see the best in every child and find ways to excite them and make learning fun. I can’t say enough wonderful things about our Grass Lake teachers – just truly amazing and caring people.”