GLHS Principal's Corner

The high school staff, with decades of combined educational experience, looks forward to preparing the students of Grass Lake for their future.

We continue to strive for academic excellence and recognize the importance that all graduates seek further education beyond high school. During the past school year our juniors and seniors earned over 300 hours of college credit in our dual enrollment program through local colleges. The percentage of Grass Lake students taking advantage of dual enrollment opportunities is the highest in the county.

Students also earned college credit in our growing advance placement programs. This past year Grass Lake High School offered advanced placement classes in English, Biology, Spanish and U.S. History. During the 2017/2018 school year the high school offered AP English, Biology, Chemistry, US History, Spanish, and Statistics. Nearly, 50% of our juniors and seniors attended 18 different programs at the Jackson Area Career Center. Grass Lake High School’s vision is to provide our student body with an individualized curriculum that meets each student’s long term academic and career goals. Nearly 75% of our graduates plan on attending a higher educational institution, this is one of the highest percentages in Jackson County.

Our extra-curricular activities continue to grow and have experienced tremendous success. This past school year was the fourth season for our robotics team and saw a tremendous growth in team success. Our forensics team is in its sixth year and has become a strong competitor in county and state competitions. Our choir and drama programs continued their tradition of quality spring musicals. The high school band is witnessing substantial growth in its membership under the leadership of our high school band director. It is a goal of Grass Lake High School to continue offering a wide variety of extracurricular activities that enhance the educational experience of our student body.

Our high school staff is dedicated to preparing them for the challenges they will face once they leave the safe confines of high school. It is our goal at Grass Lake High School to provide our students with integrated technological instruction. The district has fully implemented our 1:1 initiative during this past school year and looks to enhance and build this program through utilizing technology to create a learner centered environment that promotes critical thinking and project based learning. The process of moving to a completely digitized learning philosophy is extremely complex and one that will take a tremendous amount of learning from the staff, students, and parents. Our staff is on the cutting edge of developing new programs and utilizing technology that reshapes the way education is delivered at the high school level.

Our educational system and society must be aware that knowledge is the tool of power for our children. Knowledge equals choice, so the more knowledge a student is able to obtain the more choice they will have in what they want to do in the future. Ending your knowledge collection at high school graduation is not sufficient in today’s global economy. Our children must continue their educational efforts beyond high school. These educational efforts come in several different forms. Some students will follow the traditional path and go to a four year university, others will gain knowledge at a trade or technical school, and some will be fortunate enough to find an employer willing to train them in job specific technical skills. The students of Grass Lake High School will graduate with a plan and the knowledge that will help them become productive members of our society.

If you have questions regarding your schedule, you can contact the high school officeThe knowledge they will gain during their high school career will have a lasting effect on their success as members of our community. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me, 867-5570.