Pupil Safety - Our Primary Concern at Grass Lake Community Schools

Grass Lake Community Schools Students and Families,

        In light of the recent tragic events, it is important to our district leadership to remind each and every one of you that, above all else, student safety is our primary concern in Grass Lake Community Schools. Three years ago, a letter was published for the Community and Schools on the topic of school safety. We thought it would be a good idea to review some of those safety precautions.


  1. Grass Lake students practice armed intruder lockdown and evacuation drills throughout the school year.

  2. We have a state of the art security/lockdown system installed in all three buildings that will not only lockdown the entire district but also alert law enforcement.

  3. We have a district-wide emergency response plan that outlines procedures for building staff to follow should a threat ever occur. This includes securing all students in a classroom by blockading the doors, escaping out of the building to designated areas in the parts of the building where the armed intruder is not present,  covering windows, turning off the lights, having students sit and seek cover away from classroom doors, and prepare to defend themselves as a last resort.

  4. Our district has taken, and maintains, an alert and proactive approach. This includes working with staff and students on crisis planning and practice drills throughout all the buildings including daycare, preschool, and the elementary/middle/high school buildings.

  5. Counselors/social workers at the elementary, middle school and high school are available to speak with students struggling with fears and concerns as a result of this tragedy.


       In conclusion, the greatest tool we have lies in the hearts and voices of the students, staff and parents of Grass Lake Community Schools. Be aware of what you and your child see on social media and in our community. I urge you to talk with your child, and maintain open lines of communication. More importantly, reach out to those you see alone or struggling; show compassion and include them as part of our Grass Lake family.


       As a district, we will continue our commitment to keeping our students safe and creating an environment where our kids feel safe going to school.